High Performance Tennis Training Systems

I am looking forward to sharing with you a priceless combination of proven tennis training techniques and state of the art strategies and tactics. I learned these things over the years by working with multiple Top 50 World Ranked Tennis Players along with my own experience of winning countless tournaments and successfully teaching tennis to hundreds of students of all ages and skill levels. Being a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional, I am confident that the cost/performance ratio of my tennis training services are unmatched in the San Diego area.

Monthly Tennis Lesson Subscriptions
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Monthly Subscription Rates:
(Not currently available at Balboa or CVRC)
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  • Private Lessons:
    $217 Month = $50hr * (52weeks / 12months)
  • Group Classes (3+):
    $ 87 Month = $20hr * (52weeks / 12months) Per Student
  • Practice Sessions:
    $173 Month = $40hr * (52weeks / 12months)
  • Parent Class (3+):
    $20 Month = $20hr (1hr of Instruction Per Month)

Non-Subscription / Drop-In Rates:
Can pay using Cash, PayPal, Credit, Debt, Check (due at time of service).

  • Private Lessons:
    $60hr (CVRC $65)
  • Group Classes (3+):
    $25hr Per Student
  • Practice Sessions:
    $50hr (CVRC $65)
  • Parent Class (3+):
    $25hr Per Parent

Carmel Valley Recreation Center (CVRC) offers packages (Buy 10 Get 1 Free) making the effective rate $60 Private or $20 Group (4+) Class at that location.

I will travel to you at no extra charge.
You can schedule me at 2 different locations:

  • Carmel Valley Recreation Center (CVRC)
  • Popular Balboa Tennis Club in San Diego

Private Tennis Lessons:
Stroke, Movement, Strategies and Tactics, Physical Training, Diet Recommendations, and More!

Tennis Practice and Hitting Sessions:
Much better than any ball machine or typical practice partner. I can help you with any drill you want, or I can share some of my own that include various combinations of movement, control, speed, and spin allowing you to build and build your tennis skills against a solid open level tournament player.

Group Tennis Classes (3+ students):
Looking for strategies, tactics, stroke fundamentals or aerobic and fun based tennis clinics with friends or family? I can help you with this and more!

(New) Parent Classes (3+ Parents):
Great way to get learn what your son or daughter is learning and be able to Understand, Relate, and Help them progress as tennis players. You will learn all the same stroke fundamentals, strategies, tactics, and fun stuff that they do, so you will have the skills to get out on the court along with your friends and family building stronger relationships out on the tennis court.

Subscription Notes:
Regular attendance is expected and encouraged. Missed appointments are inevitable and have been considered in the cost of subscription. Therefore, no credits or refunds are given for missed appointments. To limit chronic rescheduling, only one reschedule per month may be allowed with 48 hours notice and totally at my discretion. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my Tennis Lesson Subscription Program. Includes 1 Hour Session Per Week for Single Student. Monthly rates calculated to promote regular attendance, so money is saved if you are consistent.

Cancellation Policy:
A 48 Hours Cancellation Policy will be strictly enforced. Late cancellations cost me lots of time and money because I cannot fill the gap created by the cancellation or just plan my day efficiently causing unneeded frustration for me, my family, and potential students. If you miss or cancel within 48 hours, you will be billed for the appointment in full.

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You are only one tennis lesson away . . .

Sincerely, David Evans
USPTA Certified Tennis Professional
(United States Professional Tennis Association)

David Evans USPTA Certified Professional